Dear BCB reader, Happy new year to you!!! Last year December, we were one year (Hurray!!!). Thank you to all those who have stayed glued to the blog since inception and to those who will not stop asking when I’m going to write my next blog post. Do accept my apology for being MIA, I am back now…lol. So in form of compensation, this year we will be starting on a fun note as I have taken my time to look into what you would like to learn next.

The past one year have been focused on theoretical concepts in programming. This was with the aim to provide you a good foundation as we started the Java programming journey. I do hope you have found the posts very helpful. This year, we will be going on a more practical ride – we will be going the web way. We will develop web applications from scratch and over time increase the complexities of the functionalities of the application.  I will see into making the source code available on Git (“free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency”) for download and I would love to get feedback on the progress you are making.

You in?


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