Bringing The Pieces Together…

Recently, one of my BCB readers asked me a question that brought about this blog topic, he said “I have read through your several posts but how do I bring them all together and write a complete functional code?” Then I thought to myself that he was right, probably other readers might also have the same challenge bringing all the pieces together. Therefore, in this post and my next couple of posts, we will be taking a deep dive, referring back at every topic on Java we have previously dealt with on this blog in order to write a complete functional code. I hope you are ready to get your hands really dirty…lol.

Assumption: To start with, I assume that by now you have installed Java and you have java path set properly on your machine. If not, please refer to my previous post on this Lay your Bed this Christmas. Remember to  direct all questions to me should you have any challenge following the steps.  I will be using Netbeans IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for this example, you can use any IDE you are comfortable  with to run this example. See list of possible IDEs and where to download them on this post Lay your Bed this Christmas.

Task: We will be writing a sample program to calculate the area of different basic shapes i.e. rectangle, square, circle etc..

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Lay your Bed this Christmas!!!

Merry Xmas to all BCB Readers, this is to wish you all the love that comes with Christmas.Without doubt, it’s going to be a long holiday with lots to eat, entertain ourselves and rest or should I say sleep as we rejuvenate ourselves for the incoming year.

Talking of rest and sleep, having a good rest begins with having our bed well laid. Likewise in the world of Java programming, laying your bed begins with two critical items. These are: JDK and IDE or alternatively a Text Editor- JDK being the bed and IDE or Text Editor being the cover.

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