Java Operators

Java operators are symbols used to command the computer to perform operations on operands. They follow either of the formats shown in the diagram below and are classified into eight different categories which includes Arithmetic, Relational, Logical, Unary, Bitwise and Bit Shift, Assignment Operators.


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Your personal math tutor…

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More on Object Oriented Programming…

In my previous post, I started discussion on Object Oriented Programming click here if you missed it where I explained Encapsulation and Inheritance as OOP concepts. This post will be wrapping up this lesson with Abstraction and Polymorphism concepts.

Abstraction:This is a process whereby important details of a method are hidden and only the functionality is shown to the user. For instance, Abstraction will only tell the user things like a class can cook, wash, and fly by listing out the functions but not how the actual cooking, washing and flying are done. In Java, the ‘what a class can do’ is known as method while the ‘how the method does them’ is called Implementation. Therefore we can simply say abstraction list methods and hides implementation.

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