Women ROCKING it!!!

imagesFew days ago, I came across one of my favourite kind of posts while researching online; a post on the leading women rocking IT- I like the sound of ‘rocking’!!! These women are redefining the industry and providing inspiration for the next generation of female software engineers and because of this reason, I have decided to discuss them on this post. Before you read though, here is my disclaimer – I’m Not a Feminist so don’t get it twisted. I only love it when I see women doing pretty well and breaking barriers on their way to the top and I love it even more when these women are in the tech world. Reason is, I really can’t count how many times I have heard things like “Bola don’t stress yourself, tech is for the guys” but guess what, the more I want to quit the more I love to stay…I have immeasurable passion for tech.

That being said, let us go to the main point behind my epistle; I know you can’t wait – lol. These women are leading and exceeding expectations in their various organizations and I noticed they all have something in common – they are either the founders or co-founders of the respective organizations they work for.Here is the list of the top ten women and a brief description of what they do:

  1. Alice Taylor – CEO & FOUNDER, MAKIELAB

Makielab is the world’s first 3D printed toy creator. They are unique in that they allow customers to customize their own 3Dtoy choosing your favorite outfit, hair colour and eye colour. Find out more..

  1. Crystal Rose – CMO & FOUNDER, SENSAY

Sensay is a friendly application that allows users to have an anonymous chat with a stranger and get help. The service lets

users text a specific phone number with a question (like “what’s the best school around here”) after which that user is instantly connected to a stranger who might have an answer.Find out more…

  1. Sumaya Kazi – CEO & FOUNDER, SUMAZI.COM

Sumazi is a social data intelligence platform offering software for businesses to extract and structure data of its community members. It introduces and connects professionals to the people they don’t know but should know.Find out more…

  1. Ann Greenberg- CEO/Founder/Inventor/Architect

Ann Greenberg has many achievements to her name as either CEO, Founder, Inventor or Architect of companies. Some of the companies are  ION, Gracenote, Sceneplay, Fanpulse, The Hugging Company, and more. Find out more…

  1. Raina Kumra Gardine- CMO & Co-founder, Mavin

Mavin a mobile startup focused on affordable Internet access. Find out more….

  1. Anna Kohanski Mason- Co-founder, BurnThis

BurnThis is a fitness application. It allows users to share and discover motivational quotes, workout selfies, progress photos and more. Find out more…

  1. Ingrid Sanders – CEO, popexpert

Popexpert is an online video education marketplace that lets users connect with experts in one-on-one video chats.Read more here…

  1. Danielle Weisberg – Co-founder, theSkimm

theSkimm is the fastest growing daily e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day.Read more here…

  1. Debbie Stirling- CEO and co-Founder GoldieBlox

GoldieBlox is an award-winning, interactive toy company on a mission to inspire the next generation of female innovators. The company creates innovative and fun toys for girls, designed to develop confidence in problem-solving and early interest in engineering. Read more here…

  1. Nicole Shariat Farb- Founder, Darby Smart

Darby Smart is an online craft marketplace. Read more here…

There are more women achievers in the industry that my list couldn’t contain and you should believe me when i tell you they are all great women because they really are – be inspired!!!

Reference: Women 2.0


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