And the journey began…

Yaay!!!I finally made it. I am a female Java programmer who got to learn the hard way or what do you call learning on the job? Imagine how it feels to be expected to deliver on something you have little or no expertise or clue on…yeah, that was how I felt January 2014 when i joined the bank and ended up in the software development team. I really can’t blame anybody for ending up there because I remember personally going to my boss’s office requesting to be posted to the team. This was after an intensive or should I say grueling four months training in everything about banking but not technology!…Mehn!

The transition was difficult but the journey has been worth it to say the very least. I thought about this blog because I found out there are many graduates out there facing the same challenges that I faced when I started out. I have had couple of people call me to guide them on how to start, what programming language to choose and so many other questions. That is why on this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts, providing guidance to beginners, answering questions, teaching Java in an easy to understand way and learning from the community out there. It’s a sharing economy guys! I have till date two years of professional software development experience. However, I have been privileged to work with some of the brightest minds  – and that includes my boss… lol.

Lets make learning fun by commenting, correcting and teaching each other.


8 thoughts on “And the journey began…

  1. Nice one. So what tips do you have for learners like us and what role do you think programming player in female empowerment vis a vis career fulfillment? Wishing you well in all your endeavoz….Amen


    • Hi Taysay, thanks for checking out my blog! My tips for boss like you is to keep grooming us and your contributions will always be welcomed

      As Sheryl Sandberg always say, i think women should lean in more. Programming is not rocket science and even if it is, women can also build rockets – though its so painted “not fit for a woman” career I believe its an advantage rather than a disadvantage, women have more chances to make a difference in this field.

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  2. Just read your story…wanted to start programming as a know about it. But am proficient in d use of computer and other applications. But am a novice in terms of programming. Will like to know where to start from and to start with..tnx need quick reply.


    • Hello Samuel, what do you want to achieve with programming? do you have a programming language in mind? In my next posts, I will be sharing tips to beginners on how to start programming meanwhile the first step is to choose a programming language.

      Kindly follow my posts for more help as you start…


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