Happy New Year in JAVA!!!

New Year new resolutions they say – Today marks the beginning of a new year, a chance to look at the world afresh and to step into that new day and new world boldly. It’s time to start something new, open a new diary, clear our thoughts, take up new challenges, refocus our energies, set new goals and conquer more territories. Happy New Year BCB Readers *Hugs and Kisses*

If programming is on your list of those new challenges you seek to conquer in the New Year, I strongly believe you should not wait one more day. There is no better time to start than now. That is why I will be welcoming you to the New Year with your first Java Application – HappyNewYearApp. It will simply display the greeting “Happy New Year!!!”

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Lay your Bed this Christmas!!!

Merry Xmas to all BCB Readers, this is to wish you all the love that comes with Christmas.Without doubt, it’s going to be a long holiday with lots to eat, entertain ourselves and rest or should I say sleep as we rejuvenate ourselves for the incoming year.

Talking of rest and sleep, having a good rest begins with having our bed well laid. Likewise in the world of Java programming, laying your bed begins with two critical items. These are: JDK and IDE or alternatively a Text Editor- JDK being the bed and IDE or Text Editor being the cover.

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Tell Me, What’s Your flavour ???

What language should I learn? This is probably one of the most popular questions that hovers in the mind of first-time or would-be programmers. While deciding on being a programmer may have been a smooth breeze, the sheer number of programming languages available to kickstart the journey can be overwhelming. Deciding to engage a number of programmers on their opinion on the best program will also turn out daunting as there is a tendency that they will all provide different answers and perhaps no general consensus.

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Figuring what lies ahead…

Without doubt the world of information technology (IT) has gone through significant transformation over the last couple of decades. Like most freshmen in the university, I was oblivious of the opportunities that I could take advantage of by being a computer science undergraduate let alone chart of future as per my career post-graduation. From being in an obscured world of learning algorithms, writing codes using outdated programs in the university – did I just say that?, I suddenly found myself working in a team of professionals with varying expertise and specializations. From networks to security, database administration to hardware and infrastructure, professionals. The list seemed endless. Suddenly, I realized technology was more than writing lines of codes.

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And the journey began…

Yaay!!!I finally made it. I am a female Java programmer who got to learn the hard way or what do you call learning on the job? Imagine how it feels to be expected to deliver on something you have little or no expertise or clue on…yeah, that was how I felt January 2014 when i joined the bank and ended up in the software development team. I really can’t blame anybody for ending up there because I remember personally going to my boss’s office requesting to be posted to the team. This was after an intensive or should I say grueling four months training in everything about banking but not technology!…Mehn!

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